We're that quirky couple that tells your story with pretty pictures

We’re a husband and wife photography team who fell in love over Jeep rides & ice-cream. We got married one week after graduating college and ultimately pursued photography and our business as a couple

...you could say it's basically our first baby


It all started when Kyle bought me (Julie) a nice camera to take to Ireland 

I mean talk about a place where it’s nearly impossible to take a bad picture, right? I returned home from that trip with a new passion and together we started documenting all of our adventures -- from afternoon hammock dates to road trips to NYC.  We started finding the beauty in everything (not just in ridiculously green countrysides) and quickly realized this was an adventure to chase after boldly. 

Kyle's killer camera skills and my extreme awkwardness (that puts others at ease) meshed so perfectly, and the images we captured were and continue to be so special!  That's when we knew that photography had to be a part of our story.

Quick Facts

for the skimmers

We'd rather be

Working on a home project

dream VAcation spot

New Zealand


Mint & cookie dough

Favorite TV Show

New Girl

Enneagram types

She's Type 3, He's Type 1

Julie's secret talent

Able to do a split (somehow)

Kyle's secret talent

Top notch eyebrow raise

Drink of choice

Coffee (or whiskey)

Take our money


listening to




weekend plans

Game Night (or Netflix)

Enneagram Types

She's Type 3, He's Type 1

Julie's secret talent

Able to do a split (somehow)

Kyle's secret talent

Top notch eyebrow raise

drink of choice

Coffee (or whiskey)

guilty pleasure

Expensive Shoes

take my money



Fantasy Football

weekend plans


a few more things you should know about the team: 

she's the right-brained creative whose energy and personality drives the business, with a genuine love for experiences over possessions, breakfast for dinner and the simple things in life


he's the left-brained smarty-pants (aka nerd) and strong, silent type with a tendency to research everything, and a passion for business and finance


no 2

she's the curious sidekick obsessed with stuffed animals and outdoor adventures

Baby L

No 1

no 3

Your images should be classic and timeless

 we believe

You should look back at your photos and remember those moments the same way you saw them, felt them and lived them before

Nose wrinkles should be embraced

Who looks at a photo and is like "oh yeah, I love my fake my smile...so cute"? Answer: crazy people. This is why we encourage real smiles, nose wrinkles and bear hugs (don't worry, we have a few tricks up our sleeves)

 we believe

Your photos should represent YOU

They shouldn't look like someone else, because they are telling YOUR unique, amazing story

 we believe