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Why We Don’t Mind if your Ceremony Isn’t “Unplugged”

“Unplugged” ceremonies are wedding ceremonies where guests are strongly advised to refrain from using their own electronic devices to take pictures. Are we all for “unplugged” ceremonies? Yes and no. 

Bride and groom saying their vows at the alter at The Solarium at Historic Scottish Rite in Decatur, GA

Having an “unplugged” ceremony is nice since it keeps most people (I’m looking at you Uncle Bob) from throwing their iPad up in the air while the bride is walking down the aisle. However, if you don’t mind your cousin’s lime green phone case making an appearance in the foreground, and you want guests to be able to talk their own photos, we’re okay with that too. We realize people like to share things on social media as they happen and love having their own photos to cherish.  We also get that it’s hard to share your professional photos with EVERYONE once they are delivered, and you may not necessarily want to do that anyways.  So giving guests the opportunity to get those pictures on their own might be worth a few cell phones in your ceremony photos. In the end, it’s your call and we’ll love ya no matter what.

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