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3 Reasons Why Mini Sessions are THE BOMB

Have you heard the term “mini” session but don’t quite know what it involves? As the name suggests a mini session is a shorter photo session, ranging anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes long. Our minis are 30 minutes long, typically offered on a specific weekend at a single location.  Curious to know why they’re AWESOME. Here are three reasons a mini session might be exactly what you need:

  1. You’re Just Looking For a Few Updated Photos

If you just want a few updated photos because those kiddos are growing like weeds (or that puppy wont be a puppy forever), and you don’t want to make a big stink about picture day, a mini session might be your thing. A mini session is great for getting a few great shots, especially to fill those empty frames on the wall. Plus you won’t have a million photos to choose from because let’s face it, it can be hard to choose favorites when there are way too many to pick from…and usually that means nothing gets printed because you’re stuck deciding. Okay maybe that’s just me, but you get the point

photo of family with four children in the fall at the park

2. Minimal Time Commitment (especially great for kids)

A mini session is a great opportunity to receive great images without a huge time commitment. This is great if you have young kids since it’s usually enough time to keep their attention. A mini moves quickly and so do the kiddos so it’s kind of perfect, right? Plus it’ll feel more like a family “date” instead of a stressful picture day. This might even open up the opportunity to get photos taken several times a year instead of just once

photo of family with daughter and wearing blue

3. They Don’t Break the Bank

A mini session means a happier wallet since they cost a little less than a full session. This might sound good if you’re wanting to do more photos throughout the year. Lots of families like to get spring photos after breaking out the warm weather clothing, and then again in the fall to have a new photo for their holiday cards.

photo of couple with their dog in the park

Ultimately we have SO much fun no matter how long your session is, but minis definitely have a special place in our hearts. We love catching up with our families and these are a great chance to do that!

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