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Should I Book a Mini Session?

A mini session is a shorter, 30 minute session, generally geared towards families. They are typically offered on a specific weekend at a single location in the spring and the fall.  Minis are great, especially if you do family photos often and just want an updated print for Grandma, but a shorter session does mean fewer photos and less variety. If you have a  larger family or younger kids, want more variety or just want to have more FUN (que those cute candid poses), you should probably consider a full, 1 hour session.  Not only do you have more time to play around, you can also take breaks to get the most out of your kids without annoying the heck out of them.  On top of that, ice cream or the family’s favorite board game can be incorporated into the shoot since there’s more time for props.

Mom and Dad holding son while he eats an ice cream cone with sprinkles

Sine mini sessions include fewer images than a full session, just make sure to consider that when choosing what’s best for you and your family. If you just want a quick photo of the holiday card, a mini might be your thing. If you’re looking for a session to fill the walls (and maybe even a photo book), then definitely consider a full session.

Have questions about mini sessions? Let us know!

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