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How We Make it Work as a Husband and Wife Team

Do we love working together as husband and wife?  Heck yeah!  Is it easy?  Not always. The key for us was realizing that we have different strengths to bring to the table.  From day one Kyle has been the technical, “numbers” guy and I’m the talkative,”people” person.  Both of which have come in handy in our personal lives as well as our photography business. When we first started working together we only had my starter DSLR, which Kyle got me before my study abroad trip to Ireland in college.  As soon as we realized we shared an eye and passion for photography Kyle went straight into researching the best camera upgrade, lighting, gear and online courses to invest in.  He’s a natural problem solver and he knew that was the way for us to hone our craft and produce the best work we possibly could. 

Husband giving wife a piggy back ride during sunset

My job?  Makin’ the connections.  I wouldn’t say I’m a complete extrovert, but I can handle myself at a networking event or two.  Around the time we started our business I was working the front desk at Northwestern Mutual’s (NM) network office in Buckhead.  NM is the same financial services company the hubby happened to work for and still does to this day.  I met SO many reps, associates and clients there and pretty soon we became the “company photographers.” Not only were we covering corporate events but we made personal connections with individual people too – serving them through newborn sessions to weddings.  Although we LOVE being family photographers and working for clients throughout different seasons of their lives, we knew weddings would be our “thing.” Why am I talking about weddings?  We’ll I’d say this is typically where you find couples working together and where things get a little more complicated.

This is where different skill sets come in…Kyle knows ALL about the technical side of things and can take a tac-sharp ring photo, no problem (if you’re a photographer you know that isn’t easy).  Yes I take great photos too, but I excel as the people person, professional poser and shoulder to cry on when Momma get’s emotional.  We both bring something different to the table and it totally works.  He’s there to save me when a flash doesn’t work and I’m there to help him escape Uncle Bob’s 20 questions. Oh and this isn’t to say Kyle hates talking to people, it’s just something he recognizes I’m more comfortable with. 

Husband and wife walking down a path at sunset

Now, is all this to say don’t have our moments?  Heck no.  There are times where we butt heads, but we’ve made it clear that COMMUNICATION IS KEY.  So, we talk things out and move on, and that’s always worked!  Oftentimes we are overwhelmed with a situation unrelated to each other, so explaining our frustrations helps a ton.  Be honest and clear with whoever you work with and honestly heed that advice in your personal life as well.  It’s all important you guys!

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